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Strickland Electronic Recycling
1009 Bedford Avenue
North, SC 29112

User Identification and Password
Users will call Strickland Electronic Recycling (SER) at 803-247-5190 to obtain a secure User Identification (ID) and Password to access the web-based system. This ID and Password will be assigned per individual User. Your ID and Password will be applicable for future pickups.

The ID/Password will enable SER to identify and retrieve the following information:

  1. Name of the Company
  2. Point of Contact (POC) Name
  3. POC Email
  4. POC Phone number
  5. POC Fax number
  6. Mailing Address
  7. Accounts Payable Section (Invoice) Address

Pick-Up Request
Once the User enters the Sourh Carolina Electronics Recycling (SCER) system, they will be directed to an electronic Pick-Up Request. Users must become familiar with the requirements of the electronic Pick-Up Request in order to effectively and efficiently key-in all required data. Please keep in mind this contract and electronic Pick-Up Request system was created with the big picture in mind and that was to safely and economically remove surplus electronic equipment from the User's location. No single system could be created which would satisfy every entity's requirements. Therefore, Users must know and understand their entity's requirements prior to using this system. Depending on the specific requirements of the various Users, serial numbers may or may not be required to be keyed into the SCER system. However, this step was added to the system in order to provide clear and complete transaction history of your equipment if your Company requires such action.

After the User has keyed-in all required information into the SCER system, the system will prompt the User to confirm the information. Once the User has submitted the final/approved Pick-Up Request, the system will provide a unique serialized Pick-Up Request Tracking Number. The Pick-Up Request Tracking Number is very important and serves multiple purposes. The Pick-Up Request Tracking Number is the User's record of a Pick-Up Request and serves as the initial source of information which provides data to the other screens and pages within the SCER system. It also reduces the need for duplicate keying of data, and serves as part of your transaction history for your equipment via a printable output copy.

After the Pick-Up Request is finalized, SCER will coordinate (phone or email) with the User for final confirmation of the agreed upon pickup date and time.

Transfer of Responsibility Form
The SCER system will provide the capability to print out a Transfer of Responsibility Form, as part of the Pick-Up Request Form Transaction History. The Transfer of Responsibility Form indicates what equipment was actually picked up. The Transfer of Responsibility Form relieves the User of ownership of the equipment upon transfer and signatures. The User and the SER representative will review all equipment prior to Pick-Up, make any necessary changes to the Pick-Up Request and Transfer of Responsibility Form. The SER representative and the User's designee must sign the Transfer of Responsibility Form when the pickup is completed. The User must observe the loading and weighing of all equipment on SER's vehicle. After all equipment is weighed, the total weight and cost can then be calculated. The User can then make a copy of the Transfer of Responsibility Form and forward the form to the User's appropriate office for payment.

Receipt of Equipment
Each Company's shipment will be labeled when loaded in order to maintain the integrity of each parcel within multiple site pickups. These labels will provide the information necessary to communicate internal SER operational and administrative processes.

SER will transport all material directly to their processing facility. The material will be off-loaded, inspected, and separated by pickup request number. SER will maintain certified scales and licensed Weighmasters. The receipt for each Pick-Up Request and Transfer of Responsibility Form will be entered into the SCER system and will become part of the overall system's audit documentation.

Each shipment will be processed separately and keyed into the SCER system.

Upon completion of processing, SER will generate an invoice and Certificate of Management Form based on the certified weight of the shipment and information derived from the SCER system. Ultimate disposal methods will be provided.

Each Transfer of Responsibility Form, Pick-Up Request Form, and its associated invoice and Certificate of Management Form will have a unique and sequential control number assigned to the transaction by the SCER system. Each completed transaction will be invoiced to the User's Accounts Payable Section (Invoice) Address as entered in the User Identification and Password Web Page.


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